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Meet Our Magnificent Cane Corso Sires and Dams

Welcome to the heart of Poetic Cane Corso Breeders – our beloved ‘Our Dogs’ section. Here, we take great pride in introducing you to our extraordinary Cane Corso sires and dams, the very foundation of our breeding excellence. Our commitment to producing exceptional Cane Corsos starts with the careful selection of these majestic dogs.

As we invite you to explore ‘Our Dogs,’ you’ll uncover the dedication and passion that drives our breeding efforts. We believe in setting the highest standards in breeding, and our sires and dams are living examples of our commitment to excellence. Each one carries the legacy of a noble breed that has a rich history dating back to ancient Rome.

Whether you’re interested in the lineage, traits, or stories of our Cane Corso sires and dams, this section offers you a gateway to the heart of our breeding program. We’re excited to share the remarkable stories and qualities of our dogs, who are more than just pets – they’re family.

Sires-Cane Corso


Our Sires: Meet the powerful and noble Cane Corso sires that stand as the stalwarts of our breeding program. These males are the epitome of strength, intelligence, and loyalty. Learn about their pedigrees and the qualities they pass on to their offspring. Discover Our Sires

Dams Cane Corso


Our Dams: Explore the grace, beauty, and nurturing qualities of our remarkable Cane Corso dams. These remarkable females exemplify the true essence of the breed. Discover the lineage and exceptional traits that make them the perfect mothers for our Cane Corso puppies. Explore Our Dams